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CompleteTax is a web app that will help U.S. wage earners file federal taxes for free on their PC. View full description


  • Start your return without a username
  • Option to export last year's return from other sites
  • Easy to use


  • Only free for basic W-2 returns
  • Doesn't work for part-year resident tax returns


CompleteTax is a web app that will help U.S. wage earners file federal taxes for free on their PC.


Taxes are the kind of thing you shouldn't leave for later, as much as you might want to. CompleteTax is a finance and budget tool that helps you get your tax returns ready in no time. CompleteTax features all the tools you need to prepare your basic federal and state tax returns in-browser. Then you can choose to either e-file or print it the return out and manually send it in.

Taxes are not an easy topic, but CompleteTax makes it easier on everyone with a Tax Tips & Calculators section, as well as a set of links called Helpful Tax Tools. There's also a section of Most Popular Tax Guides that include such topics as your filing status, how to itemize deductions and more.

Recognized forms

CompleteTax lets you prepare different sorts of tax returns (including 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ) and includes a series of special tools to help you obtain the highest refund possible.

Unfortunately, CompleteTax's free service is really only available for basic tax returns. If you want to handle itemized deductions, dependents, investments and retirement income, you'll need CompleteTax's Deluxe version. If you're an independent contractor with a 1099-MISC, you'll need to purchase the Premium version.

Consequently, CompleteTax does recognize an impressive span of forms, but at a price, whereas other similar tax filing web apps like TaxAct Online don't charge you for such types of filings.

State filing

It's also possible to file your state returns through TaxComplete for a fee, although it's currently a fairly steep $39.95 and other web apps like TaxAct Online offer the filing fee service for less. The process is the same, and you have the option to pay this filing fee through a deduction of your refund or else by credit card.

When you've completed both federal and state filing forms, CompleteTax also lets you go through any alerts it's found to ensure you're double checking your information before submitting. If the program notices a discrepancy, it will inform you and give you the opportunity to review it.

CompleteTax is a good option for basic federal tax return filers, but those with more complicated returns and state files looking for a low filing fee should look elsewhere.


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